Amphibious Bot v.1

This bot was designed to work both in the water and on land via remote control.

3D Printing

Majority of projects will depend on 3D printing technology.

Magnetic Propulsion

This project involved the creation of linear magnetic propulsion track using electro-magnets.

Robotic Arm 1

This robotic arm used 2 servos and 1 very large bevel gear with a DC motor

All Wheel Drive

This is a simple 4-wheel powered remote controlled bot.


This generator was designed for a horizontal wind turbine.

Magnetic Boat

This boat had a unique propeller that used magnets through the wall without piercing the hull

Sensor Bot

This bot was made to follow line and detect walls around itself using lasers.

The Talker

This static bot would detect motion and talk to you.

The Generator in Action

The generator outside the wind-turbine

Ping Pong Cannon

This ping pong cannon was made to launch ping pong balls. It used a laser pointer and ACOG sight for aiming.

Following the Line

This bot is following a black line using a laser and measure the reflective light coming of the surface under it.

Ping Pong Turret

This turret used a remote control with 3-servos with a big DC motor in order to launch ping pong balls.

Drawing Machine

This is a drawing machine using stepper motors like a 3D printers in order to draw on an acrylic board.

Floating Raft

This raft uses 2-water pumping turbines in order to float on the top of the surface.

Gauss Turret

This is a 2D turret that used 2 servos and 2 linked soleniods in order to launch magnetic disk magnets.

Mechincal Systems

Students will learn to use timing belts and chains.

Junior Project

This was a simple wired remote controled robot


Fun small project for young students that uses a wired remote control.

Night Lamp

Simple night lamp using translucent plastic.

Hand Held Ping Pong Cannon

It used a 4V system in order to shoot ping pong balls.

Omni-wheeled bot

This Omni-wheeled bot was equiped with 5 light sensors.

Hand Held Ping Pong Cannon

Just another ping pong ball cannon

Light Seeker

This bot was made to find the lightest part of the room.

Sound to Light

This statue was designed to turn on LEDS based on what sound it heard.

Temperature Sensor

This temperature sensor used a single 8-Segment display.

Advanced Sensor Bot

This bot was designed with light sensors, color sensor, IR sensor, lasers, leds and an IMU for the purposes of playing arcade style games.

Light Based Reaction Game

This game required you to stop a dancing LED light in time in order to score max points.

Metal Construction

Frame for a big metal robot which will use chains and 8in wheels.

CNC Cutting Construciton

Not all robots need to be 3D printed as show by this bot.

Fast Bot

This bot was designed to be really fast and have 4 wheel drive

Light Swords

A junior project made in a couple of days.

Round Sensor Bot

This bot was made to use ultra-sonic sensors and follow a line using a laser.

Spring Loaded Cannon

This ping pong cannon used a spring.

3 Foot Sword

This sword used metal at its core and was pre-programmed with different LED sequences.